My intention is to raise enough money to buy a retreat where peaceful and holistic mental health support for UK military personnel and veterans can be accessed by both current and former members of the Army, RAF and Navy.

The holistic treatment available will entail positive thinking – working on your thoughts upon waking up, what you do when you start the day, how your mind reacts to certain situations, and applying the same process to going to sleep. This emphasis on positive thinking enables people to have a clearer and more compassionate understanding of their daily thought cycles, thereby helping UK military personnel to experience more peace in their lives.

Along with focusing on looking after armed forces mental health, we will also work on caring for the body through nutrition, gaining an understanding of the importance of nutrients and microbiomes to one’s sense of inner well-being. A 21-day programme will help UK military personnel with eating and drinking in a way that promotes the correct balance of nutrients and minerals, providing an ideal platform for a healthier, more positive mindset.

We aim to be up and running in 2022, when we have acquired the correct amount of funding, a location for the retreat, and established a comprehensive programme. 



 Donate to HEAD UP's GoFundMe page to support my mission to create an armed forces charity that provides mental health support for UK military personnel and veterans.