Classes available at The Retreat

The Retreat will be a uniquely non-militarised, holistic safe haven to help current and former members of the Armed Forces recover their mental health and lead happier lives. We will do this with a variety of classes.


Nutrition & Fitness

This workshop will focus on understanding the importance of nutrition and how it affects our mental health. It will examine the scientific basis for how diet and mental health are ...  more  


Understanding hormones is key to maintaining mental health. Hormonal imbalances caused by stress are often overlooked as causes of mental illness, and by enabling guests to identif...  more  


Many former combat personnel might not consider meditation as being a thing for them, or being helpful towards wellbeing. Many people find it highly calming and relaxing, and a sou...  more  


The Retreat will employ a number of non-traditional therapies, including animal therapy, music therapy, cold water therapy, and red light therapy. We intend to foster a therapy dog...  more  

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a mindset where positive thoughts result in positive outcomes. By imagining oneself achieving goals, and envisioning plans towards those goals, this philos...  more  


This philosophy was first described by the Ancient Greeks. It is a system of ethics and personal values, where behaving in a moral way brings about happiness, enabling the believer...  more  

Anger Management

Many people struggling with mental health suffer from problems around anger. The Retreat shall offer a detailed and in-depth class on anger management, enabling guests to control t...  more  

Personal Development & Emotional Intelligence

This class will enable guests to become aware of their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional progress and growth. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, and how they alig...  more